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Remaining League Fixtures

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Remaining League Fixtures

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:04 am

Fixture 4
mickyfifaking87 2 - 0 druSja I Jan
Jacko EIRE 0 - 5 MiltFarquhar (pooled)
amala inter v jamesdoherty1
TheEAChief86 v PriPello
Fixture 5
druSja I Jan 5 - 0 Jacko EIRE (pooled)
mickyfifaking87 v amala inter
MiltFarquhar v TheEAChief86
jamesdoherty1 v PriPello
Fixture 6
amala inter v druSja I Jan
TheEAChief86 5 - 0 Jacko EIRE (pooled)
PriPello v mickyfifaking87
jamesdoherty1 5 - 0 MiltFarquhar
Fixture 7
druSja I Jan v TheEAChief86
amala inter v PriPello
Jacko EIRE 0 - 5 jamesdoherty1 (pooled)
mickyfifaking87 v MiltFarquhar

Deadline: Sunday 20th July

gamertag - jamesdoherty1


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